Can’t focus. As much as I like my job my mind is restless. So many thoughts of just random nonsense that I can’t put together. Quiet is nonexistent, peace is out of reach. Will these thoughts going round and round please please just cease.


After a long. Long. Longgg day at work I’m feeling so so tired. That seems to be the theme of my life, TIRED. Thinking is exhausting I just want to turn off my brain and shut down for a while. All my energy and motivation is zapped, I have nothing in me right now. Hopefully … Continue reading Sleepy


At what point do people start to not care so much about what others think? Is this something that never goes away? For the most part I can get along great, but there’s always that one person that knows exactly how to push my buttons. How does one learn to just stop reacting? And furthermore … Continue reading Pensive

I can’t run away from my mind, but I can try to better understand myself and make strides to coexist peacefully within my mind.


I'm still off. Not really a surprise, but kind of discouraging. I feel like a robot, get up and go to work to then come home and be dazed until it's time for bed. Then stay up immensely late because your brain has decided to say fuck it and keep running on and on about … Continue reading thoughts.