Tomorrow I have my first appointment for a follow up with my primary care doc to go over my repeat blood tests and thyroid ultrasound. I’m hoping everything is starting to get back to normal. Even if it’s not I’m just hoping for answers. I hate not knowing what’s going on with my body. 2:45 … Continue reading Anxious

Always a Struggle

Nothing can ever go easily for my husband and I. Worry after worry and more shit gets thrown on our all ready humongous pile. We’ll persevere though, we’ll keep pushing. End results are worth it and I have to remember that.

So much

I am overwhelmed. So many positive things happening (we bought a house!) and with that so many stressful situations we’ve all ready overcome. Yesterday hubby and I joined his family on an intracoastal boat ride all day which helped clear my mind and I feel more grounded. I hope for things to continue going smoothly … Continue reading So much

Happy Monday!

I’m grateful I woke up this morning. I’m happy I get to work when others cannot. I’m blessed in every aspect of my life. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!