This is me

Hi all! I just wanted to give you all a glimpse of who I am and what this blog is hopefully going to be all about.

My name is Angelina Celeste Amadon, I am 26, and am married to the most handsome man Griffen. I am the proud furmom to Maximus Prime and Able, and plan to have many more furbabies in the future. My full family tree is pretty extensive, and so I shall save that for another post.

To be honest, I really started this blog to help with my anxiety and over active mind. I have struggled since I was a child with this, but didn’t really have the means to find help until I started college at 18. PBSC (my local community college) offered therapy sessions and from there I continued therapy on my own privately. I find writing is pretty therapeutic for me and figured why not start a blog, who knows maybe me voicing my thoughts and concerns will help others.

That’s all for now! I have so much to share and so this first post will be brief, thank you to whomever reads this. Feel free to leave any comments below!! Have an amazing night!

By Angie Amadon

Wife and fur-mom of 3. Depression and anxiety are with me always, but do not define me.

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