Change is coming

It’ s almost time. After 6, going on 7, years I think we are going to be out of an apartment and into our very own home. The road to our dream has been long and stressful. We’ve hit countless obstacles and bounced back stronger every time, well maybe not stronger, but we’ve whetherd the storm.

I catch myself doubting whether it will actually happen, since something always seems to derail our end goal. Finances, timing, emergencies, health reasons, but not this time. We deserve to feel secure and safe, and know that we’ll be ok.

I am more excited for this home because of my husband. If I’m honest prior to meeting Griffen I had a different picture in my head of what my home would look like. A plain townhome in the city where I grew up, and most definitely 2 or 3 dogs. It’s funny how things shift when you find a partner that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. I want a house with a yard and a garage that I can drive into and find just solace and comfort.

No matter what happens in the coming months I know that we will be ok. I know that I will be ok, and that is enough.

By Angie Amadon

Wife and fur-mom of 3. Depression and anxiety are with me always, but do not define me.

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