Never fails…

How is it that AFTER my therapy sessions is when shit hits the fan. Never fails, it sucks that due to finances I can’t continue my old once a week appointments.

I love how I feel when I leave his office, confident, in control, relieved. Then I reenter the world and BOOM all gone.

I’m struggling to keep building on what we discuss in our sessions. Then again I feel like I’m struggling period.

I felt like I had everything set and going in the right direction. I’ve come to realize that is far from the truth.

I’m more lost than I thought..I don’t know what to do.

By Angie Amadon

Wife and fur-mom of 3. Depression and anxiety are with me always, but do not define me.

One reply on “Never fails…”

Sorry…. my thoughts.. sometimes in order to find what you are truly looking for you need to get lost to find it. Seems strange but never know. Be strong with who you are , you will find your light and direction 🙂

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