Never fails…

How is it that AFTER my therapy sessions is when shit hits the fan. Never fails, it sucks that due to finances I can’t continue my old once a week appointments.

I love how I feel when I leave his office, confident, in control, relieved. Then I reenter the world and BOOM all gone.

I’m struggling to keep building on what we discuss in our sessions. Then again I feel like I’m struggling period.

I felt like I had everything set and going in the right direction. I’ve come to realize that is far from the truth.

I’m more lost than I thought..I don’t know what to do.

One thought on “Never fails…

  1. Me says:

    Sorry…. my thoughts.. sometimes in order to find what you are truly looking for you need to get lost to find it. Seems strange but never know. Be strong with who you are , you will find your light and direction 🙂

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