Let me be candid

My blogging has been a very unique and eye opening experience. I started blogging to help me with my generalized anxiety and severed depression (clinically diagnosed but not treated at that time).

It was a great way to channel my feelings and thoughts with zero judgement from family and friends and 100% a safe space. It is still very much both of those things thankfully.

Here comes the candid part. I felt since I started treating my depression with medication and I have been doing well on the medication I no longer really needed to talk and express anything. I’m not sure if others feel this way after starting treatment or if this was unique to me.

Boy was I wrong. Not that my depression worsened again, or the meds stopped working, or anything like that. I just found without blogging my obsessive thoughts were just sitting there. Though I no longer felt the negative from those thoughts I still had them in a way. They were still keeping me up and I was still finding myself unable to stop from overthinking.

Needless to say I’ve come to realize that yes medication is helpful, but it is not everything. Mental health is so much more than just take a pill and move on. Just like yin and yang there is a balance, the medication gets me to a point where I can function and not have panic attacks but I still need the therapeutic release of my inner thoughts.

I’m glad I am back to writing. I’m glad I figured this out. I’m oh so glad to have this platform.

By Angie Amadon

Wife and fur-mom of 3. Depression and anxiety are with me always, but do not define me.

2 replies on “Let me be candid”

Agreed, medication is often only one piece of the puzzle. Glad things are heading on a good path for you, and glad you’re writing again! I myself bounce back and forth with it, this being my third (I think?) blog I’ve started. It’s weird, I have a block that’s pre-mental health treatment, during mental-health treatment, and this current one is post/recovery mental health. That’s the cool thing about blogging; it grows as we grow.

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That must be interesting for you to see the stages of everything written down. It’s a never ending journey and like you said it grows as we grow.

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