Morning Meditation

Almost the weekend

This weeks been long and has dragged. We’re not even to Friday yet and I’m dead.sube it’s because Christmas is next week and I only work Monday and Tuesday?

I’m excited for the holidays and just ready to move into 2021 and be done with 2020. My brain needs a break and my back hurts.

Here’s to hopefully a good Thursday!

Morning Meditation

Monday Meditation

I am loved

I am strong

I am pretty

I am smart

I am capable

I make better choices today

Morning Meditation


I had a doctors appointment yesterday for my PCOS and feminine care, things may not be as controlled as I thought. I’m looking at more bloodwork and another ultrasound which is fun, and then hopefully I get more information from there.

After my appointment it was wallow in self pity for an hour and then onward to write my paper which I successfully turned in today.

Life is tough and bumpy and tiring. But I’m making the best of it and trying to push through and make better decisions. Tomorrow starts a new week, and new opportunities for me to do better.

Happy Sunday everyone

Morning Meditation

Happy Saturday!

I have a doctors appointment this morning, blech. Then a bunch of school stuff to do and home stuff to catch up on.

Let me tell you a short story of what happened yesterday. My Friday at work was great, no issues and a very smooth day thankfully. Got home, still feeling good. Then as I was talking with my cousins about hair stuff I told them I don’t feel pretty.

Where that thought came from I’m not sure. I feel like it had been in the back of my mind all week but I never voiced it. When my husband got home I told him the same thing and proceeded to cry my eyes out.

Obviously everyone reassured me and told me that I indeed was pretty, but nevertheless I don’t feel like I am. It goes beyond my weight issues, I just don’t think I am pretty. And it is wrecking me. I’m not sure what to make of this new found reflection, or what exactly brought this on, but I hope I get through it.

I just want to feel pretty.

Morning Meditation

And another one

Ok, another disastrous Tuesday is on deck. Am I mentally prepared, no. Am I excited, no. Will I survive it, eh maybe.

Hope you all survive your Tuesday!! Good morning!!