I close my eyes and picture a place where I can just stop. Where my mind is clear and my emotions are better controlled. Where my worries are gone and anxiety is nonexistent. But then as is in life, I open my eyes and realize that that’s not possible right now.

Good weekend so far. It’s unusual for me to have such a relaxing weekend, little anxiety and not too many thoughts ☺️

SMART goals

Being back in therapy has definitely helped refocus my mind and my energy. Goals for August..take my larger goals and scale them down so they’re realistic, make a routine for morning and night, work on my sleep routine. Baby steps, I will get there eventually.

Perfect Timing

I’ve been feeling drained. I was ready to just say fuck it and give in to my negative thoughts and curl into a bubble and surrender. Then this came up and caught my eye this morning. Sometimes things come at a perfect time, thank you powers that be.