This weekend has been all I’ve been waiting for and more! Jonas Brothers concert was everything I’ve been waiting for, 6 year hiatus was worth the wait! I just hope my wonderful weekend doesn’t slowly make everyday life more difficult. I’ve been building up to this weekend for a while. Fingers crossed everyone!


Adrift in a sea of unknowns and uncertainties. Cast away on a desolate island in my mind. Bereft and alone in the chaos that is my emotions. Not even sleep and daydreams can give me peace.

The hits keep coming. How much can we take as people trying to survive daily? What is the point of trying for better things and fighting for our dreams if only to have them slowly pulled away from you time and time again? Why can’t life just give us a break?! We try so desperately … Continue reading

Too much.

A lot has happened. I had a mental breakdown after seeing more than 20 homes and my husband not wanting any of them, granted it was because of location but I wish he would have told me that sooner. This was a few weeks ago now so we’ve gotten past it. That same weekend though … Continue reading Too much.

Keeping it together

Pushing through, facade in place. No one can see the torment inside. The thoughts I struggle with, the exhaustion that never ends, it’s all apart of me. I’ll keep up the image that I’m ok, and I’ll keep holding it together for as long as I can.

Every day I want to just sit and sleep and keep away from everyone. I have to force myself to interact and consciously make an effort to participate in even the simplest things. It’s hard, I’m struggling, and I just want to sleep.


Today was a better day. It seems like my brains calmed down enough for me to feel “normal”. It’s sad that these days are few and far between currently, but I’ll take what I can get. After talking it all out with my doctor yesterday I feel more clear headed and focused. I will control … Continue reading Better


This weekend I reached my breaking point. I quite literally became unhinged in front of my husband and my father in law. I was surprised with how the crazy was just flowing out with no end in sight, even though I felt it coming all week. Let me try and explain what happens, maybe by … Continue reading Thoughts