Morning Meditation Thoughts


A lot has happened this weekend. Too much to process, to much to accept, and too much to have to go through.

A new week has started filled with uncertainties and anxieties, but I’m still here. Sometimes that is a win, just waking up and being present is all I have in me.

We shall see what this week brings, and hopefully make it to another weekend relatively unscathed.


Life comes at you hard. Shit can happen unexpectedly and there’s nothing we can do about it.

This helplessness and powerlessness and not knowing ummm ness is so much apart of my daily anxieties and worry. Having control is a way for me to feel secure and safe, without it i feel like I’m sinking.

With all that’s been going on my brain is on overload and my worry has skyrocketed. It’s tough not knowing what is happening and living on a day to day basis as far as work goes.

Morning Meditation

Wonderful Morning All



With all this COVID-19 I am stressed and beyond tense.

I work at an ENT office as a medical scribe/assistant and luckily my amazing physician acquired a mask for me to wear while seeing patients. It has made my worry lessen, but I’m still wound pretty tight.

I half wish I can self quarantine and half really really want to keep coming to work. I’m hoping things start to improve but I know it’ll be a while yet before that happens.


Yesterday was Tough

Today will be better.

Yesterday I was panicky and anxious despite my use of Citalopram (I think due to prednisone use for my cough), I was cranky, I was tired, and I was just done with everything.

Today I feel more at ease. Today I had yummy banana chocolate chip bread. Today I am looking forward to going home and cooking.

Tomorrow…well who knows really.