Last night was rough. My anxiety was all over the place but I went home and cooked the dinner I planned. May not seem huge but I’m an emotional eater so it was major for me.

This morning I woke up and had breakfast AT HOME and thanks to left overs my lunch was already packed.

I’m feeling a bit better this morning. Still feeling a little off but it’ll fade hopefully. I hope everyone has a good day!



New Direction-Day 1

Enough is enough. Day 1 of my new life starts today. After stopping to get McDonald’s last night, for no apparent reason other than I could, I felt gross and deflated.

Today I had coffee and a light breakfast at home and packed my lunch for today. I’ve already thought of dinner and plan to stick to it.

Every day is gonna be different and I am hoping everyone enjoys going on this journey with me. It is never to late to push the reset button and try for better.


Post Christmas Blues

I loved Christmas. It went so well and the love and family time (though limited) was a great refresher.

I didn’t want to come back to work today. I wanted to stay home with my pups and just laze around, but alas here I am at work.

Having time off is nice and I appreciate being given that option, but it makes it so hard to come back and get into the swing of things.

Feeling a little blue and a lot sleepy, but hopefully this day will pass quickly.


More News

I’m off to see an endocrinologist! Long story short still having wonky blood tests so that’s my next step.

In other news I still have a solid B in my current class which is awesome! This business class has been the most challenging one yet, so I’m pleased with myself.

Christmas is around the corner and that makes me really happy. After the crap that’s been 2020 I NEED a good Christmas that is stress free and just relaxing.

Oh and the biggest thing for me anyways, I GET MY HAIR COLORED TODAY! First time going to a salon setting with not my aunt doing it so I’m super excited!!

Hope everyone’s Saturday is going well!!

Morning Meditation

Almost the weekend

This weeks been long and has dragged. We’re not even to Friday yet and I’m dead.sube it’s because Christmas is next week and I only work Monday and Tuesday?

I’m excited for the holidays and just ready to move into 2021 and be done with 2020. My brain needs a break and my back hurts.

Here’s to hopefully a good Thursday!