Morning Meditation

Almost the weekend

This weeks been long and has dragged. We’re not even to Friday yet and I’m dead.sube it’s because Christmas is next week and I only work Monday and Tuesday?

I’m excited for the holidays and just ready to move into 2021 and be done with 2020. My brain needs a break and my back hurts.

Here’s to hopefully a good Thursday!


Holidays and COVID

It’s that time of year where festivities usually are in full swing and plans for Christmas and New Years are being set, and I am saying no to all of it.

I work at an ENT office as a medical assistant/scribe and as such we are pretty high on the list of exposure because most people we see have symptoms COVID can cause and we work in the area of the nose that houses the virus. Being that I’m in the rooms while scopes and the like are being done I don’t feel comfortable attending family events because I don’t want to risk getting my family sick if I am asymptomatic, or contracting from them if they happen to be positive.

I’m not going to lie it’s hard though. December is a rough month emotionally all ready with the passing of my mom on the 23rd and family really helps. The potential risk is too scary though. My family is large and a lot of them older so why risk it?

Here’s to a holiday of love from afar and lots of virtual chats.

Morning Meditation

Monday Meditation

I am loved

I am strong

I am pretty

I am smart

I am capable

I make better choices today

Morning Meditation

Happy Saturday!

I have a doctors appointment this morning, blech. Then a bunch of school stuff to do and home stuff to catch up on.

Let me tell you a short story of what happened yesterday. My Friday at work was great, no issues and a very smooth day thankfully. Got home, still feeling good. Then as I was talking with my cousins about hair stuff I told them I don’t feel pretty.

Where that thought came from I’m not sure. I feel like it had been in the back of my mind all week but I never voiced it. When my husband got home I told him the same thing and proceeded to cry my eyes out.

Obviously everyone reassured me and told me that I indeed was pretty, but nevertheless I don’t feel like I am. It goes beyond my weight issues, I just don’t think I am pretty. And it is wrecking me. I’m not sure what to make of this new found reflection, or what exactly brought this on, but I hope I get through it.

I just want to feel pretty.



I started my first business class yesterday, which I was so excited for. Well not anymore. After reading the syllabus and yesterday trying to figure out the assignment my brain exploded.

I got so overwhelmed after a bit of research and maybe two or three sentences written, I called it quits and went to bed.

This morning I still have a lingering headache and I’m not feeling all that great, here’s hoping work doesn’t kick my ass today. I know I can do it, I just gotta break it all down into small steps and go from there.

If anyone has any tips on online schooling drop them in the comments!