Monday Musings

I’ve been on this low-no carb diet for almost a week and I’m actually feeling good. Well my body is I should say. My mental health has been up and down. I can’t seem to fully snap out of this funk, but I’m trying. I know so many others have more difficulties they are facing, … Continue reading Monday Musings

Not as Hard

So lots of stuff to talk about over the next few days. My mind is still processing my doctors appointments and going through that overthinking. I’m on a new strict low/no carb diet for my new PCOS diagnosis so I can lose weight. This was by no means my choice as I LOVE to eat … Continue reading Not as Hard


I’m still struggling with health concerns. I had chosen to stop my birth control pill back in April due to a decrease in my, umm intimate life. Little did I know what issues would be uncovered with stopping. 4 months later I finally have my menses again though with a new diagnosis of PCOS (polycystic … Continue reading Motivated

Give me strength

Struggling to focus on my mental health when my actual health is all over the place. I wish there was more to say or more to do but my brain is zapped. I can’t think and honestly I don’t want to fake I’m ok. I’m not ok

Hurricane Dorian

This is the worst. Sitting and waiting for this hurricane to pass has all about fried my brain. With all the prepping my mind wasn’t able to process and overthink, now with so much down time stuck indoors it’s short circuited. Send help!

A lot has happened in the last two months. I feel like I've been on a rollercoaster and range of emotions. No day is the same, but at the same time every day feels the same. While I'm doing the same job, at the same times, every day, so many other outside factors come in … Continue reading

Goodnight mind

It’s time for bed. Dogs are walked, apartment is locked up, and ac is just where we like it. Cue racing thoughts and worries. My mind won’t shut off and it’s just white noise of random anxieties and worries. Some legitimate concerns and others seem more trivial but worries nonetheless. Hopefully I’ll calm down enough … Continue reading Goodnight mind

I am enough

I keep trying to think of things are are uniquely mine. Something that sets me apart and makes me enough for others. And in trying to think of it all I realized that I need to be enough for ME first. Because there’s only one of me, and that is my strength.