Florida is trying to kill me. How is it that I wake up to 48 degree weather!? I DESPISE the cold, it’s why I love Florida.

I feel like on days like this Floridians should get the day off to snuggle at home, we weren’t built for this crap! That is all.

Hope everyone else is waking up to a bit warmer weather, maybe possibly.

Morning Meditation

And another one

Ok, another disastrous Tuesday is on deck. Am I mentally prepared, no. Am I excited, no. Will I survive it, eh maybe.

Hope you all survive your Tuesday!! Good morning!!



I find myself mentally going over all the bills, the tasks, the work, the weight loss, the everything over and over again in my head. I feel like there is so much to do for me to get my life on track, but it exhausts me just thinking about it.

Why is it so difficult to stick to something? Why is it so hard to move forward when I want to so badly? Why do I sabotage myself? I know I know, a lot of questions that many might claim to have the answer to. At the end of the day it all boils down to ME.

I have always had an issue with self love, self care, and laziness. It is not an easy thing to just wake up and be different. My mental strength isn’t all that strong and my will power is low.

Needless to say it makes starting AND FINISHING something difficult for me. It always comes back to the same thing, change my habits. I wish I could just do that. I wish I could just flip a switch and make things better. I wish I could be my own cheerleader and accomplish what I want with my own motivation.


Always Changing

This weekend has already been amazing. Our new hurricane windows and doors are being installed and they are looking so good!!!

I’m ahead on school work and because we are trapped in our bedroom that’s all clean now too! It’s the little things that make me happy and relieved.

Next up on our weekend is repainting our game room and hanging shelving! Our home is bit by but becoming our dream. I am beyond grateful and excited to continue on this path with my husband and furbabies.

Happy Saturday everyone!


Happy Friday

things are good. things aren’t perfect, but they’re good. I’m grateful I woke up this morning, grateful for my husband, grateful for my pups, and grateful for my friends and family.

COVID has been hard. my family (including my grandma) got it and luckily pulled through great. my friends circumstances aren’t as good, her dad is in the hospital not doing so well and it’s scary. working at a doctor’s office at risk daily is not the greatest, and thankfully we are all safe and provided appropriate PPE, but it doesn’t change the situation.

I’m just jumbled today. my motivation is low and my level of energy is lower. the