I’m still struggling with health concerns. I had chosen to stop my birth control pill back in April due to a decrease in my, umm intimate life. Little did I know what issues would be uncovered with stopping. 4 months later I finally have my menses again though with a new diagnosis of PCOS (polycystic … Continue reading Motivated

Give me strength

Struggling to focus on my mental health when my actual health is all over the place. I wish there was more to say or more to do but my brain is zapped. I can’t think and honestly I don’t want to fake I’m ok. I’m not ok

Hurricane Dorian

This is the worst. Sitting and waiting for this hurricane to pass has all about fried my brain. With all the prepping my mind wasn’t able to process and overthink, now with so much down time stuck indoors it’s short circuited. Send help!

SMART goals

Being back in therapy has definitely helped refocus my mind and my energy. Goals for August..take my larger goals and scale them down so they’re realistic, make a routine for morning and night, work on my sleep routine. Baby steps, I will get there eventually.


Adrift in a sea of unknowns and uncertainties. Cast away on a desolate island in my mind. Bereft and alone in the chaos that is my emotions. Not even sleep and daydreams can give me peace.

The hits keep coming. How much can we take as people trying to survive daily? What is the point of trying for better things and fighting for our dreams if only to have them slowly pulled away from you time and time again? Why can’t life just give us a break?! We try so desperately … Continue reading

Too much.

A lot has happened. I had a mental breakdown after seeing more than 20 homes and my husband not wanting any of them, granted it was because of location but I wish he would have told me that sooner. This was a few weeks ago now so we’ve gotten past it. That same weekend though … Continue reading Too much.