Post Thanksgiving Update

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I can say it was half successful and half unsuccessful. I took on the cooking responsibilities because I have some minor (trying to be nice, more like major) control issues. I set myself up for no panic attacks though with the meal I prepped.

The morning of was a bit trying with my youngest pup accidentally knocking over our lamppost in our backyard, hubby was NOT happy in the least and that set off the beginnings of anxiety and nervousness. Cue father-in-law who showed up and was most helpful with prepping the turkey and approving my yummy cornbread, so that made things better. Then people started showing up, now not a lot of people mind you, just 4 guests in total.

At first I was fine and as I kept cooking and chatting I realized I was shaking. I’m unsure if anyone picked up on it, hopefully not. Food was done and turned out delicious!! I was so happy and proud of the meal I put out, and then I started to crash.

Not in a panic, that I had been expecting, but more in an exhaustion that I have never felt before. I can’t even begin to describe the immense fatigue that was pulling at me from all ends. My eyes wouldn’t open, my mind was shutting down, and my body was starting to go limp. Needless to say my plans to see my family later on were now cancelled.

The rest of the night passed in extreme headaches radiating from my neck. I am so lucky I have such wonderful men in my life, my husband and father-in-law took turns heating towels to help ease those muscles.

I am now reflecting back on yesterday and I feel so thankful and blessed that I was able to have a successful first thanksgiving in our new home. I’m also proud of myself, I listened for once to my mind and body and cancelled on my family. Normally I would’ve sucked it up and gone anyways which most definitely would have ended in disaster. So I applaud myself for taking care of me.

So I guess all in all everything turned out well. Though I promise to give myself a reprieve and maybe be a guest and not a host next Thanksgiving.