end of day thoughts

So as expected today was a long day. I’m tired so we ordered in tonight for dinner which was yummy, although my stomach did NOT agree. Once again I am doing school work. Why?!

I’m just being slightly dramatic, it’s really not that bad. I wish I could focus on school and home full time, but alas I am not financially stable in that way. It does make me wonder if I will ever get to that point though. How many people live there earlier years busting there asses to reach a place where they are financially comfortable only to look back and realize it was all a waste. I don’t want that to be my husband and mines future. I want to be able to enjoy the here and now while keeping up with bills and stuff.

I wish things were different, but I’ll keep pushing for that. School is the first step to that end goal. It is never too late to change things up and make things better. Now on to more school work!