More News

I’m off to see an endocrinologist! Long story short still having wonky blood tests so that’s my next step.

In other news I still have a solid B in my current class which is awesome! This business class has been the most challenging one yet, so I’m pleased with myself.

Christmas is around the corner and that makes me really happy. After the crap that’s been 2020 I NEED a good Christmas that is stress free and just relaxing.

Oh and the biggest thing for me anyways, I GET MY HAIR COLORED TODAY! First time going to a salon setting with not my aunt doing it so I’m super excited!!

Hope everyone’s Saturday is going well!!


I’m back, and I’ve changed

Hi again. It’s been a bit of time since I’ve posted, and honestly I debated deleting this blog and just quitting. I never inteded this to be any more than an outlet for my thoughts and frustrations, a place to come and write out what I’m thinking with zero judgement. Somehow my mind started overanalyzing like it does and I turned it into somewhat of a “chore/assignment”. I can’t explain it, as I don’t really understand it fully myself.

Moving on. I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment. I started school to be an accountant, YAY, and I’m still employed full time. My youngest pup Lucy is still a handful and not fully potty trained, which is greeeaattttt. A lot of house projects have been getting done and will hopefully come to an end early next week!

Lets discuss the biggest issue now. My depression and anxiety. I would say after being on medication since early this year I have noticed an improvement. My panic attacks are not as frequent and I find myself less ruminating less throughout the day. However, my bad days still out number my good days, my moods are still fluctuating, and I feel like I have plateaued. Is that possible? To plateau when it comes to depression? I debate increasing medication and just trying to dig down deep and exercise. I don’t want to do the things that I enjoy doing, let alone exercise and “eat right”. That being said, I need to make a change, FOR GOOD.

I’m taking my safe space back and letting this be my outlet again. Baby steps, I need to walk before I can run. This is day one of my reset, day one of the new blog space, and day one of many many more!